Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

More photos of abused Iraqi prisoners are surfacing each day, and –while I consider this level of attention proper and feel that America has reacted with rightful disgust– I think we all have to start asking the obvious question: who’s the ass hole that brings a camera to a torture chamber? I had a buddy who brought a camera to a bachelor party and hasn’t been contacted since- that camera ruined more relationships then greed and poor health ever could. Military prisons should probably join Mardi Gras and after-prom parties as the type of thing you never photograph. What possesed some soldier to consider this incident so fun, it simply had to be shared? Was he or she going to include it in a letter back home:

“Dad: I’m all right and fighting for all the things you taught me to value and defend as an American. I hope to see you soon. In the mean time, here’s a picture of me stacking naked Iraqi men into pyramids. Give mom a kiss for me.”