Cheney’s parka

America, we are ably represented at the Auschwitz memorial service:

Yep, that’s our VP in the parka. Every world leader in this photograph looks prepared to offer a somber eulogy- Cheney looks like he’s there to jump a frozen car. I’m not a connoisseur of fashion or etiquette, but I’m pretty sure that the wardrobe for a Holocaust service is supposed to be different then what you wore to the last Packers game. I’m not even convinced that this photograph is real, and not simply a page from the highly misdirected sequel to “Where’s Waldo”. His hat says “Staff 2004”, for crying out loud- that’s the type of thing they hand out at fraternity parties to the guy who made sure the CD player didn’t skip, not a garment that an actual vice president wears. Why not have Bush –America’s strongest leader and an infinitely more photogenic candidate– represent us, you ask? Bush, as president, is probably never sent to such events for the same reason I was never allowed to serve funerals as an altar boy: they’re afraid he’ll laugh. Cheney probably intercepted the invitation months ago, telling staff, “I know he’s the president, but once he sees those big Russian hats, he’ll giggle for hours and keep asking how they teach those bears to dance so good.”

In a potential response to Cheney’s informality, Blair’s planning to attend Bush’s inauguration in a “Kiss the Chef” tee-shirt and Canada is sending the McKenzie brothers, their nearest clone of the VP: