Sunday Funnies

Like every person who is unambiguously not young anymore, I feel America was cooler in my youth. I’ve discovered what is perhaps the most telling proof of that: children’s TV. The modern ones are androgynous; developed by video-game-obsessed wallflowers- everything beeps and hugs, and nothing makes sense.

I rewatched The Flinstones for the first time in 30 years the other day: Fred is so confident he is going to win at the track, he quits his job by punching his boss in the face. But he loses…. because Barney’s bookey is arrested before the bets can be placed.

I’m not saying America’s a worse place. …I’m just saying: you can’t show a kids show with the main character punching his boss in the face because of a gambling problem anymore (and then sell vitamins off that guy!), and that makes it awfully tough to be a better place, no?