Doodlings from my Notebook #04

I’ve found myself doodling a bit recently. Maybe I’ll start posting some of the drawings to my website, with a short explanation… If they prove to be funny. We’ll see.


I used to work along a busy retail strip in Ohio. Just a few years prior, it was all farmland, but, suddenly, it was fast food, car dealerships and outlet stores. The roads still had country speed limits (45 – 50 MPH) and the drivers were terrible.

I worked next door to the Wendy’s, which we called “The Double Grief” because there were 10 car accidents a day from people dumb enough to try and make a left out of their parking lot. The turn was so dangerous, Wendy’s eventually built a second road –a kind of jughandle– that lead from the back of their lot, to a traffic light where you received an arrow to turn left. It was –maybe– five or six extra seconds to use this jughandle and turn safely.

And that was too much for most drivers. They still turned left out of the lot and you heard tires screech all day long as they nearly died.

What I found most hilarious was NOT that they were unwilling to wait an extra five seconds for a safe turn, but that they were equally unwilling to wait on their fries. Their mouths were all stuffed with fries, each falling to the ground, as they shrieked in terror at the SUV that was about to collide with them.

I always thought that would be the most American death: hit by a minivan, with a mouth full of fries; your last thoughts being, “I hope they bring back The Bacon-ator… Christ he’s moving fast”.