Guys, I think comedy’s really starting to pay off. I think I’m finally reaching people; that I’m being myself on stage and it’s resonating.

This comment was left on my blog last night:

I’m continue learning from you, and I’m bettering myself. I actually love reading everything that’s written on your blog. Keep the articles coming. Really enjoy it!

It was left by a user called Medical Office Furniture, on a post about, a gag domain I registered for a friend, with the wrong process (which created a yearly, $15 bill for on my wife’s credit card).

Sometimes, doing comedy on top of a job and family- it’s a lot. And you wonder if it’s all worth it… But, then some one like Mr Furniture comes along with a great, genuine piece of encouragement and you realize: I can’t stop.

Always follow your dreams people. Your Mr Furniture is out there too!

full article on slammable dick caves, with the gracious Mr Furniture’s comment: