VLR is back with new schedule

The Visitors Locker Room returns from its break this Thursday at 4 PM!

As long time listeners know, we always go on holiday during the short, 15 week college bowl season. But, now, we are back, and we have all the bowl results!

Do you know you hate Tebow, but can’t figure out why?- The VLR is back, to help you understand your feelings. Are you unsure if hockey has started?- we don’t know either, but plan to have an answer by Thursday. Have you been spending the last few months wondering which of the world’s bears you could beat in a fight?- The VLR is back to answer these kind of questions!

New time (Mondays and Thursdays at 4 PM CST), new segments, new mikes, new studio; new everything!

4 PM this Thursday at visitorslockerroom.com with special guest Adam Burke.

Pay special attention to our new contact info on the website, so you can message us during the show.

Fearless Listeners: do not worry, we are still part of the Fearless family and our podcast and blogs will still be available at the traditional URLs. We just happened to locate a studio that is 1) closer to us and 2) across the street from a liquor store, thus we record it there, for broadcast at Fearless.