Let me Action News that for You

This may only be funny to tech people (and perhaps not even them), but it’s a kind of mini-Hell I experience at work so often, I decided to turn it into a blog.

CONFESSIONS: normally the process ends at #2, with me saying “f-it, I’m gonna install Chrome”.

Also, technically step #9 and later didn’t work. The Internet Explorer Search extension for ABC Action Action News points to the wrong URL, throwing a 404 every time. I had to manually use the search feature on their domain.

All that said, it makes me like Microsoft more and I’m going to stick to ABC Action News (Philadelphia) as my default provider. I love delusional people in real life, and there’s no reason I shouldn’t look for the same in my technology companies. To pretend that Google isn’t even one of the companies that you would consider, when listing internet search providers… Well, that’s a pretty hilarious ‘happy place’ Microsoft has sent itself to. I need to be working more closely with them.