Angel Busque

I was asked to contribute to Scholastic Jive, a blog that publishes the notes of standup comedians. I shared some rough drawings I did for my one man show, which were nothing more than stick figures. My friend Angel Busque, who was a huge supporter of the Chicago standup comedy scene, turned them into a series of amazing visualizations.

After each performance, people lineup to ask me questions and the first is often “who did those drawings –they are hilarious– the one of you driving is perfect”.

I’m sad to say, Angel passed away last week.

She was an incredibly talented artist and great, fun-loving friend. Her drawings are the first illustrations people see in the show and I’m often contacted by people who find the images so striking and well-placed, they ask to receive a digital copy.

When I asked her if she’d be interested in illustrating a story about a car going off a bridge, she said “that’s perfect- let’s do it”, and started immediately. She was always game for a weird-sounding plan and she will be missed very much.

If you have a moment, checkout more of her art at,

These are the (great) drawings she did for my show (click on each for high res):