Never Been to Paris Re-launching with Belushi

Excited to announce that

1) my one man show “Never Been to Paris” is returning from its summer break at The Comedy Bar Thursday October 18th


2) Jim Belushi is opening the show that night.


As some of you may have read, Belushi is partnering with The Comedy Bar.

“Never Been to Paris” will be the launch night of the partnership and Belushi will open my show with his own near-death story. After the show, at midnight, there will be live music from Rob Stone and the C-Notes, also with Belushi.

Tickets are expected to sellout so if you are intersted in attending, please purchase in advance:

(after opening night, show starts at 8 PM each Thursday, not 10 PM)

Many years ago, I walked off a roof, broke my back in three places and my heel in several more. My friends found me in a nearby
lawn, and if they had said,

“Flannery, one day you’re going to write a comedy show about this and the guy from ‘RED HEAT’ is gonna open for it”.

I’d have said: “you raise that damn roof ten more feet and I’ll do it again, pal!!”.

(FYI: RED HEAT is my favorite buddy movie of all time)