Greatest Hits of Visitors Locker Room CD

Our Greatest Hits CD, which was available at our Superbowl Show, can now be downloaded online (for free!). Please enjoy and, if the tracks make you laugh, share with friends.

Individual Tracks:

  1. Mascot Game at The Old Vet
  2. Hockey Fight
  3. Fuzzy, Grab a Gun and Shoot Me
  4. Hockey Playoffs
  5. One Billion Pennies
  6. Jim Brown is the Greatest Lacrosse Player
  7. Thunder and Lighting
  8. Santo Answers the Hall
  9. American Gladiators
  10. Iditarod
  11. Family Face Off
  12. LD Fifty
  13. Not Fired Like a Man
  14. Quarterbacks vs Child Actors
  15. Dog Fighting
  16. Blah Blah O Reilly
  17. STD Scoreboard Announcement
  18. There's a Computer in the Whistle
  19. Vegetarians vs Bicyclists
  20. Boris Yeltsin

As Playlist:

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