“Never Been to Paris” is my one man show about the last dozen or so times I nearly killed myself by accident.
The show mixes stories with pictures from the events; audio clips and even some animation.

It will very likely make you laugh.


Visitors Locker Room is a sports comedy show that lampoons over-the-top sports broadcasting, fans and professional atheletes. I cohost the show with CJ Sullivan.

“Where the comedians act like sports casters, not the other way around”


The Blackout Diaries is a comedy show where performers tell real stories (mostly about drinking), then you –the audience– can ask them questions. I created the show and usually host it.

“A comedy show where there are NO stupid questions”


I think smart phones and google have ruined bar arguments, now that squares immediately fact check each other. This blog documents my drunk claims (in bars), each designed to be impossible to disprove via google.


Chicago Underground Comedy is the city’s premier show for new and emerging standup comedy. I am proudly one of the original cast members.

Every Tuesday at 9:30 PM ($5) at The Beat Kitchen


Blerds was a comedy website with 11 of Chicago’s best comedians and 1 very talented videographer. We wrote blogs and made funny videos. We also got very, very drunk; forgot to renew the
domain and, in general, rarely had our act together back then. But it was fun.


Not a comedy project of mine but some thing I strongly direct people to, if they have not previously seen Pat. He was one of the most talented and naturally funny comedians
I have ever encountered. Checkout some clips and read his blogs at:

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