Laugh Fest

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be performing in this year’s Laugh Fest, this March in Grand Rapids Michigan. Laugh Fest is “the nation’s first-ever community-wide festival of laughter and has quickly earned a reputation for being one of the nation’s marquee comedy events. Performers this year include Jim Gaffigan, Marc Maron, Martin Short and more.

I’ll be performing in “Best of the Midwest” on Wed March 14th and, more importantly, “Never Been to Paris” has been accepted for Tuesday March 15th. Most importantly, Sinbad will also be performing, so I’ll get a chance to reconnect with him.

(In 2008, I ran into Sinbad and his family on an airport shuttle. I was leaving Houston after a wedding, with one of the worst hang overs of my life. I could barely fit into the shuttle, until a man announced “we’ll make some room for ya”. It was Sinbad and his family, all dressed in matching purple-and-black zebra jump suits.

It was a defining moment for me: the first time my hangover was so bad, I started to question if I lost my mind. If my brain –so tired of the booze and dumb bar conversations– was now inventing realities and images, to entertain itself. Everyone is Sinbad’s family is at least 9 feet tall, which further adds to the believe that you might be hallucinating)